Fee Schedule

  • 4o minute (38-45 min) session: $130 
  • 55 minute (53-58 min) session: $145 
  • Initial Evaluation: $170

Because Dr. Abel sometimes tours to train others to effectively treat anxiety, it’s not unusual for her to have a waiting list.  However, because the methods she uses are quicker than for most therapists, the waiting list is typically less than a month. 

Dr. Abel prefers cash or check.  VISA, Discover, and Mastercard, including HSA and Flex Spending debit cards are accepted, but a $5 fee is applied for cards that are not HSA cards.  Payment is expected at the time of service. 

Can't afford Dr. Abel's fees? Her Melt Worry and Relax Card Deck (click the title for more info) gives you 56 of the best strategies for Worry and Anxiety. Everyone from pre-teen to adults can benefit.  


Most insurance companies provide “out-of-network” benefits under which Dr. Abel is covered. Typically there is a deductible, after which some insurance companies actually pay quite well. Deductibles and rate of reimbursement vary widely, even within the same insurance company.  Please phone the Mental Health or Behavioral Health number on your insurance card to learn what your out-of-network coverage is. If there is no Mental Health or Behavioral Health number listed, call the general member services.  

Why doesn't Dr. Abel accept insurance? Contracts with insurance as "in-network" demand that she cut her rates significantly. While there certainly are talented therapists who take insurance as "in-network" most talented and experienced therapists do not take insurance.  This is because we would end up turning away several people who are willing to pay our full rate, as well as have to deal with hassles of the insurance companies.

It's very tempting to choose a therapist who is in your network so that you pay only a small co-pay for a session. This may work? Unfortunately, individuals frequently continue suffering from anxiety for years seeing in-network therapists.  They spend hours of their time and often into the thousands of dollars in co-pays with little or no relief.  While there are certainly no guarantees, I often hear from clients after a session or two that they wish they had come directly to me. My advice...if your time and mental health are more important than money and you can afford to see me, you will not likely regret it. However, if it's important that you save money, try an in-network therapist.  But if you aren't noticing improvement after 3-4 sessions or if it's helpful but you reach a plateau, please consider seeing me as I've successfully treated countless people who have seen more than 3 therapists before finally getting the right help.