Learn to relax, meditate, improve efficiency, increase energy, and achieve balance. Active Relaxation is chock full of innovative, quick and easy tools involving acceptance, meditation, muscle relaxation, assertiveness, problem solving, procrastination, time-management, and more. Get Free MP3 samples.

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“Dr. Abel presents her readers with an array of the leading anxiety and stress management strategies in the field. Her fun and engaging writing style cuts right to the core underlying principles. Although this book will help readers from all walks of life, Dr. Abel’s own experience in the corporate arena has allowed her many important insights to share with readers working in the business world. This book undoubtedly will provide a wonderful contribution to the self-help literature.”
-Holly Hazlett-Stevens, Ph.D., Author of Women Who Worry Too Much: How to Stop Worry & Anxiety from Ruining Relationships, Work, & Fun.
“Active Relaxation is filled with great ideas for decreasing stress and living a more productive life! The step-by-step strategies are practical, straightforward, and helpful.”
-Martin M. Antony, Ph.D., ABPP, Author of The Anti-Anxiety Workbook
“In Active Relaxation, Dr. Abel provides a broad menu of highly effective stress coping techniques, with options to fit any learning style of preference. In a culture that overvalues multitasking and a more-bigger-better-faster mentality, Dr. Abel shows us how to slow down without losing our edge. From professional and technical workers to artists and entrepreneurs, Active Relaxation provides sound methods for controlling stress, reducing anxiety, increasing productivity and improving overall quality of life.”
-Timothy R. Cline, Ph.D., MCC, Health Psychologist, Master Certified Life Coach
“Dr. Abel has put together a number of very useful tools for people who really want to go through the process of learning to control tension, stress, and anxiety to achieve greater balance in their lives. I particularly like her “Live It” summaries at the end of each chapter…a quick and practical reference for applying the tools as a refresher later.”
-Stephen Sanders, MD, Co-author of Reality Check
“Dr. Abel has made an excellent and concise suggestion to pare down your worries by implementing what she calls “B3’s”. Using this method, individuals will undoubtedly see their worry time decrease, as they choose to focus on more positive views of life, rather than everything that might go wrong with it.”
-Patrick B. McGrath, Ph.D., Author of The OCD Answer Book.