For Worry, GAD, Panic, Phobia, and Social Anxiety I recommend Amy Camp Ryan. Amy is located in Kirkwood and accepts some insurance. To contact Amy click on the following link:

For Worry and GAD you can get a great deal of my knowledge and expertise in my Melt Worry & Relax Card Deck (click on title for more) for a fraction of the cost of a session. Also consider my book Active Relaxation (particularly if you have job stress) and if you are female and worry excessively Women Who Worry Too Much. If you are Anxious and Depressed (or even if ONLY Anxious and worried) try my newest book The Anxiety, Worry and Depression Workbook: Even the chapters on Depression are positive psychology chapters that can help anyone.

For ADHD, ADD, and Insomnia I recommend neurofeedback at Peak Brain Institute which is located in Richmond Heights/Clayton. Click on this link for more info Peak Brain is also effective in treating migraines, depression, anxiety, and other issues. 

For OCD I recommend Teresa Flynn. Dr. Flynn treats all anxiety disorders and is located in Clayton. For more info, check out her website:

For Grief and Loss I recommend Bob Lewis. Dr. Lewis is located in Clayton. Please check out his website

For Couples Therapy I recommend Bob Lewis, Linda Hermann, Richard Boswell, and Bill and Linda Wing.